TNS + TES Merger Announcement

TNS + TES Merger Announcement


It is with great pleasure that True North Safety Group announces that we have entered into a strategic merger with Transportation Engineering Services (TES).

For almost two decades, Canadian and international transportation authorities have trusted TES and its flagship product, the TES software, to manage, analyze and safely secure their transportation data. Over the past two years, TES has invested in significant refinements to its software platform to improve the user experience and widen the range of tools and data analytics available to clients. TES is truly an all-in-one solution to provide transportation professionals with the training, information and analytics to make informed decisions regarding the design, operations and maintenance of their infrastructure—which are a cornerstone of the TNS Vision.

Rest assured that the TES software will continue to be the same industry-leading product offered through TNS. The strength of this merger is really the powerhouse of industry leaders that stand behind and support the TES products and services. Amir, Greg, Pedram, Roshanak and Soroosh are like-minded experts who share the TNS ethics and who are invested in providing world-class transportation engineering and safety services to their clients.

“During its early stages I never envisioned TNS would develop beyond a small and specialized team offering safety services”, said TNS President, Russell Brownlee. “But when talks began between the two firms the synergies and benefits were immediately obvious, and I look forward to experiencing this team thriving and succeeding.”

Founded in 2017, TNS has become a highly specialized firm offering transportation safety consulting and forensic engineering services across Canada. We will continue to offer these services and expertise to our legal, insurance, and transportation agency clients under the helm of Russell Brownlee and an expanded leadership team. Our vision is “To inspire our people, peers, and communities to place human life and well-being at the forefront of all their transportation decisions.” The combined passion and expertise of TNS and our TES friends, enhance our abilities “to provide robust, reliable and evidence-based transportation data, analytics and tools to inform our clients’ everyday transportation and safety decisions.”

Leading up to the merger date, we have been working diligently to provide a seamless and unobtrusive transition for our clients. We are pleased to welcome Amir, Greg, Pedram, Roshanak and Soroosh to the TNS Team. Together we are the best.

Russell Brownlee
True North Safety Group

Greg Szrejber
Transportation Engineering Services

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