Traffic Study Module

Traffic Study Module

Easily collect, analyze and intepret Traffic Study Data

Traffic volumes play an important role in improving the overall efficiency and safety of any transportation network. The ability to quickly and easily collect, analyze and interpret traffic volumes data is critical to making informed transportation decisions; from planning to operational analysis to detailed design.

TES Software provides the comprehensive tools for transportation authorities to collect, maintain and analyze traffic count data in one place.


Traffic Count Data Collection and Analysis

Built in tools to give you greater visability into traffic studies and their impact on your road network

TES provides a robust software platform for data collection including:
  • Scheduling of traffic count data collection
  • Issuing work orders
  • Importing data from traffic counter equipment
  • Warrant calculations for all-way stops and traffic signals
  • Speed data analysis (distribution average and 85th percentile)
  • Automated summary reports
  • ADT/AADT calculation
  • Vehicle classification

The TES Traffic Study Module captures traffic count data for intersections and midblocks. Tracking critical details like volume, speed, vehicle classification, occupancy, turning movement for cars, trucks, buses, cyclist and pedestrians.

Reporting & Mapping:

View the traffic study data directly or take advantage of our powerful data visualization tools

TES provides multiple ways of viewing traffic count data including:
  • See your traffic data on a GIS map
  • Summary report that can be exported as PDF
  • Table summary that can be exported as a spreadsheet
  • Variety of Charts and Graphs

Selected features in the TES Software Traffic Study Module:


View traffic study data right on the GIS map for your entire jurisdiction or a specific location or area.

View Any Traffic Count Details

Instantly see all counts done at a location, and view any details with a mouse click.

Traffic Warrant Analysis

Screen the entire road network utilizing every count to see where signals or all-way-stops are warranted.

AADT Estimations

State-of-the-art methodologies to estimate AADTs and supplement AADTs for non-counted locations.

Export your Data

Export any data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.

Import Any TMC and Permanent Counts

Import groups or individual counts and have them all available instantly on the map, for reports, and warrant calculations right from the counter equipment.

Multiple Study Types

Manage and report on all your study types including speed studies, turning movement and vehicle classification studies.

Share with the Team

All data can be in one central database so anybody on your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.

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