Manage & Analyze Collision Data

Powerful Tools for Managing & Analyzing Collision Data

Quicky identify the areas in your network with the highest potential for safety improvement.

Collision data can provide transportation authorities with insightful and actionable data on the safety of their road network. From individual crash reports to deeper analysis of trends at specific intersections or road segments, the Collision Module provides comprehensive tools for identifying problem areas so that effective counter measures can be implemented quickly.


Collision Data at Your Fingertips

Paired with our Traffic Studies module, the TES Collisions module provides critical insights into future problem areas

The TES Collision Module makes it easier to prioritize improvements by providing instant access to all crash records and associated locations. With powerful search and built in screening capabilities TES solutions ensure road authorities have all the information about the safety of their network at their fingertips. Our simple IT requirements also make it easy to import and store new data, whether paper or electronic crash reports.

Advanced Analytics

Including a powerful report builder, data visualizations and advanced search capabilities

State-of-the-Art analytical tools that are both quick and easy to use, while remaining highly flexible. From individual crash reports to viewing specific crashes within an area, TES makes all the information available instantly through the use of:

  • GIS map
  • Filters
  • Advanced search
  • Report builder
  • Collision diagrams

Selected features in TES’ Collision Data Module:


Quickly spot trends by seeing where collisions occurred right on your map for a single location, or your entire road network.

View Any Collision Details

Instantly access the original police report, or any other details for any collision(s).

Map Filters

Detect problem areas by seeing only collisions on the map that fit your criteria.
(DUI, Speeding, etc.)

Export your Data

Export any collision data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.

Collision Data Integrity

Built-in validation tools are run automatically to prevent data entry errors done by staff and to ensure data integrity.

Share with the Team

All data can be in one central database so your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.

Instant Collision Diagrams

Create collision diagrams in just a few mouse clicks. Customize them yourself based on any filters you apply.

Collision Data Filters

Find the data you need in seconds by applying filters based on any collision criteria.

Import Your Existing Data

TES makes all your historical and existing collision data available instantly. Data can be imported from your existing database.

Collision Reporting

Use pre-made reports, or make your own and share them with the team. No knowledge of coding/query language is required.

Safety Analysis

Contains the analytical tools required for basic and advanced safety analysis.

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