Road Infrastructure Module

Road Infrastructure Module

Many transportation authorities struggle to maintain a repository of all their highway network details. Most find themselves with separate databases for each dataset, with no ability to cross-reference between datasets, TES provides the software tool to maintain all highway infrastructure in one application.

This allows transportation authorities to save time by having all infrastructure data and all documents for every location in one searchable corporate database accessible from a single application. No longer is there a need to create complicated and unstable connections between siloed datasets.

The infrastructures module provides a solution to view, modify, and create an inventory of the entire road network. All traffic engineering data is integrated with the infrastructure module.

Infrastructure Module

Selected features in TES’ Road Infrastructure Module:


Access any location’s infrastructure data by selecting it from the map.

View Any Location Details

View any information about any intersection and midblock (road segment). Ex. Type of traffic controls used, road class information, detector configuration, etc.

Share with the Team

All data can be in one central database so your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.

Export your Data

Export any collision data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.

Document Management

Manage all related documents for each location such as pictures of the location, AutoCAD drawings, maintenance information, legal documents, etc.

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