Traffic Sign Inventory

Powerful Tools for Managing Sign Inventory

Our Sign Inventory Module provides instant access to critical details on every sign in your network. Our clients use it to easily track and log information on sign inventory, including relevant media and documents. The Sign Inventory Module also provides organizations with automated reporting to monitor sign conditions and gives users the ability to generate reports to help forecast and budget for needed updates.

Stand alone, or as part of our larger transportation data platform, the Signs Inventory Module provides transportation authorities with quick and easy access to their data so they can focus on improving safety and reducing liability.

Selected features in TES’ Sign Inventory Module:


See the signs you want right on your map. No more searching for signs that need replacing.

View Sign Details

View any data on your signs, supports, and their photos and relevant documents.

Sign Maintenance Tracking

See what was done, by who, and when for any of your signs and supports.

Export your Data

Export any sign data to popular formats like Excel and PDF.

Manage your Costs

See and get reports on all costs associated with your signs & supports. Excellent for budgeting and cost control.

Share with the Team

All data can be in one central database so anybody on your team can access the most up-to-date data and reports.

Retro-Reflectivity Tracking

Track your reflectivity inspection, and view all non-compliant signs right on the map.

Use Any Sign

Compatible with any country’s signs, and lets you create custom signs.

Import from the Field

Use TES with a laptop or your own devices to collect data. Then easily import into your TES database.

Unlimited Reporting

Use pre-made reports, or make your own and share them with the team.

Manage Shop Inventory

See what you have in the shop versus in the field. Get accurate forecasts with no more out-of-stocks or delays.


Modify any fields you want to what you need.

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