TES Software Adds Powerful New Image Recognition AI to Help Clients Quickly Build Sign Inventory

New Smart Sign Detection & Inventory feature automatically identifies, photographs and tags road signs, adding them directly to the jurisdictions digital sign inventory.

Ontario, Canada — Oct 12, 2020 Today TES Information Technology announced immediate availability of their newest feature; Smart Sign Detection & Inventory.

Fully integrated with the TES Sign Inventory module, this innovative tool helps save time, money and reduces liability by creating an inventory of traffic signs using state of the art AI-based image processing and recognition.  By simply driving through their road networks using affordable consumer grade dash cam video, TES clients can automatically identify, photograph and tag road signs, adding them directly to their sign inventory.

“This application has huge potential for road jurisdictions and has already been used on a number of projects and initiatives in Ottawa.” said Byron Hemlow, Section Manager at the City of Ottawa. “Just from a speed sign perspective, it has contributed to geo fencing for E-kick scooter suppliers, emergency services for routing, sign inventory for traffic calming measures and planning/modelling to name a few.”

“Digitalizing and managing sign inventory is a challenge for jurisdictions around the world” explains Greg Szrejber, President and Founder of TES. “By harnessing the power of AI based image recognition we knew we could solve a common problem for our clients in a very cost-effective way.”

About TES Information Technology

Founded in 2000, TES is a software and data analytics company providing services in the areas of transportation engineering and asset management. TES assists federal, state, and local jurisdictions in transportation data management and analysis.  For more information visit www.tes.ca

For more information on their newest feature; Smart Sign Detection & Inventory please visit https://www.tes.ca/home/sign-inventory/smart-sign/

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