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TES Basics Tutorials

Click here to learn the basics of TES.

TES Advanced Tutorials

Annual Statistics: Click Here
Filter Libraries (saving filters): Click Here

Collision Module Tutorials

Click here to learn how to work with collisions within TES

Traffic Studies Work Flow Tutorials

Instructions: Click on a piece of the workflow below to learn how to do it. After learning the workflow, you can learn how to calculate warrants by clicking here.

traffic studies workflow

create work order tutorial conduct study in the field tutorial create multiple traffic studies tutorial create traffic study and work order at same time tutorial download from counter tutorial import data files tutorial edit and correct data tutorial input data manually tutorial results tutorial approve study tutorial generate results tutorial create and print work order tutorial

TES Essentials (VB Version) FAQ

Follow the instructions by clicking and typing in the video window as instructed in the interactive tutorial. Following the instructions will progress you through the tutorial. Click below to start the training.

Interactive Training List:

Subject: TES' GIS Map 
How do I add layers to the GIS map?

How do I create map volume filters in the GIS map?

How to I change layer attributes in the GIS map?

Subject: Traffic Counts

How do I add an ATR count file (with relaxed checking)?

How do I add an ATR count file (with strict checking)?

How do I add a Gretch count file (with strict checking)?

How do I add a Gretch group count files (with relaxed checking)?

How do I combine TFR files?

How do I download data from a Gretch board?

How do I edit Gretch data?

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